CenarioVR with Valve Index VR device

Hi! Does anyone have experience using CenarioVR with Valve Index VR device?

I have some technical problems.

For example, to look around, I need to use controllers - can I do it only with head movement using the Valve Index?

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Yes, I use Google Chrome browser

We do not have a native App for the Valve Index. Are you referring to running in the browser on the device?

I have not used a Valve Index, so sorry if the questions seem simple.

Can you try using the headset's provided browser or a third party like Firefox?

Are you in "Immersive" mode in the browser? This is usually entered by clicking an icon on the browser window that looks like a simple headset. In Oculus Quest 2 using Meta Quest Browser, there is a little icon in the lower right that enters into the full immersive view. This is what allows you to move your head around and have the scenario react.