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Hello, I have just got a trial version to test and see Lectora is template based. I have previously been a Storyline user and I can do absolutely anything there - all bespoke. I don't know yet if Lectora can match this. Are there any examples of great bespoke courses using Lectora software that I can view to compare? Thanks

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Lectora can do anything ( and more ) then Storyline can. As a expert user of both tools i can assure that. Only thing where ELB ( not Lectora as is ) lacks is the community. It was a thriving community with great samples and lot of users helping out. Due to the new layout ( and maybe ELB focusing on other things ) the community is far beyond par. A few things that make Lectora better then Storyline.

-You can cooperate with others in Lectora Online.

-The size of a page is not limited as in Storyline. You can create very large scrolling pages.

-It is really responsive.

-The HTML output is really HTML, thus all CSS, JS and other tricks work.

Thank you. I'd love to see examples that were really interactive - I've made a few of my own games in there for example. I can't code from scratch, but I have created great interaction using the built-in triggers and variables panel. Articulate community has a weekly challenge and course examples are showcased there - that's the sort of thing I'd like to see.

As already said... that part this community lacks now. In the past it had, but as the forum/community is setup now it really is disappointing. I do agree with you that this kind of showcase and challenges are needed here too.

@Diabllo, I agree with Math on all of the above as I use both tools too. If you want to reach out to me, we can do a Zoom and I can show you some samples that my clients allow me to share (via a non-recorded Zoom) -