About LAUG

The Lectora Accessibility User Group (LAUG) was started in 2017 by Christine O'Malley of e-Learning Designs. Christine has been authoring in Lectora since 2007 and previously led the Chicago Lectora User Group. In late 2016, Christine saw the need for a user group that would focus specifically on accessible e-Learning with Lectora.

The primary goal of this group is to share best practices with like-minded Lectora developers and at the same time strive to clarify misinformation or misconceptions about how to program accessible content with Lectora. Those who are tasked with creating e-Learning for screen reader users should find this group to be a good fit for them.


Informal monthly accessibility discussions are hosted by Christine. To receive invitations and participate in these monthly meetings, fill out the

registration form here: https://e-learningdesigns.com/lectora-accessibility-user-group/

Participation during the group meetings is strongly encouraged to gain the most benefit.

The group is very interested in for group members to share examples, questions, or problems!

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